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U.S. Trademark Application

Debs Law PC | Ottawa

Complete USPTO trademark application. Includes conflict search. Does not include government application fees.


Debs Law PC

Phone 613-686-3556
Address 647-547-2214
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Letter of Demand

Brandon Ament | Toronto

Draft a Letter of Demand for a payment that is owed to your business


Brandon Ament

Phone 416-418-0889
Address 1801 - 1 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario
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Incorporation (For-Profit)

Robert Wakulat | Toronto

Flat fee includes govt filing fees; Minute Book and consultations.


Robert Wakulat

Phone 416-458-4841
Address Centre for Social Innovation, 720 Bathurst Street - Suite 310, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2R4
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Criminal Lawyer

Vanja Ilic | Toronto

Vanja Ilic is a Criminal Lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Contact 647-360-7182 or to book an appointment.


Vanja Ilic

Phone 647-360-7182
Address 222 Spadina Avenue, Suite 276, Toronto, ON
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Basic Ontario Incorporation

Alvin W. Leung | Newmarket

All inclusive price for Ontario incorporation's including gov't filing fees, incorporation fees and organizational documents.


Alvin W. Leung

Phone 437-266-2765
Address 200-140 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario
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Attend Mediation

Sarah J. O'Connor | Toronto

Draft Mediation Brief and attend one day of mediation. Excludes mediator fees, booking fees, taxes


Sarah J. O'Connor

Phone (416)365-7878
Address 80 Bloor Street West, Suite 602, Toronto
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Employment Contract Review

Jimmie Chen | Toronto

I will review your employment contract with you and explain the clauses to you. I will advise you of any pitfalls.


Jimmie Chen

Phone 9054710770
Address 141 Main Street North, Unit B1, Markham Ontario
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Construction Lien

Milad Haghani | Hamilton

Serving Burlington & Oakville: Debt collection, including registration of construction lien on title


Milad Haghani

Phone 905-635-5862
Address 3018 New Street, Suite 203, Burlington, ON L7N 1M5
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Contested Bail (Show Cause) Hearings

Andrew Captan | Toronto

Contested Bail Hearings for Criminal Code of Canada and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act matters.


Andrew Captan

Phone (647)878-6355
Address 603 1/2 Parliament Street, Toronto, Ontario
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Residential Real Estate Purchase

360 Law Professional Corporation | Toronto

Let us help to close on your dream home. Excludes tax, disbursements, and mortgage registration.


360 Law Professional Corporation

Phone 416-360-4-LAW(529)
Address 745 Mt Pleasant Rd. Suite 203 Toronto, Ontario