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Purchase of Home

Todd Ji | Ottawa

Let our Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer help with your buying and selling experience! We offer expert advice in Real Estate law at our frontier.


Todd Ji

Phone (647)697-2292
Address 200 - 3190 Steeles Ave East, Markham, ON L3R 1G9
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Business Incorporation

KYH Law Professional Corporation | Toronto

Call us for a FREE consultation today (905)-305-0700. We can help you set up your company.


KYH Law Professional Corporation

Phone 9053050700
Address 206-80 Acadia Avenue, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9V1
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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Anca Dumitrescu Jelea | Ottawa

Drafting of one will and two powers of attorney. HST is extra.


Anca Dumitrescu Jelea

Phone 613-706-2059
Address 200 Elgin Street, Suite 806, Ottawa, ON K2P1L5
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Human Rights Application (HRTO) Response

Bune Law | Toronto

Initial consultation and preparation of Response to Human Rights complaint.


Bune Law

Phone 416-800-8780
Address 5700 Yonge Street
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Draft Mediation Brief - Personal Injury

Mary Shemon | Toronto

Draft mediation brief. Includes copying and binding of same. Service on relevant parties not included.


Mary Shemon

Phone 416-645-5967
Address 330 Bay Street, Suite 1400, Toronto, ON
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Small Claims trial

Suntok Mackie Barristers-at-Law | Vancouver

We can represent you for a one-day trial in Small Claims court for a flat-rate fee. Many Small-Claims matters only require one day.


Suntok Mackie Barristers-at-Law

Phone (250)590-1899
Address 204-26 Bastion Square, Victoria, B.C.
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Promissory Note

Brandon Ament | Brampton

Promissory note to secure shareholder loans or properly secure personal loans


Brandon Ament

Phone 416-418-0889
Address 1801 - 1 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario
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United States B1 / B2 Visa Application

Debs Law PC | Ottawa

Completion and submission of a standard United States B1 and/or B2 visa application. Exclusive of HST and any consular fees.


Debs Law PC

Phone 613-686-3556
Address 647-547-2214
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Construction Lien Claims

Manpreet (Preeti) Uppal | Brampton

Perfect your Lien Claim: Commence an Action.


Manpreet (Preeti) Uppal

Phone 416-900-3841
Address 1370 Don Mills Road, Suite 2, Toronto, ON M3B 3N7
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Draft Small Claims Court Pleadings

Andrei Dobrogeanu | Hamilton

Start or defend a Small Claims Court action with a Plaintiff's Claim, Defence or Defendant's Claim.


Andrei Dobrogeanu

Phone 905-777-7909
Address 1 Hunter Street East, Suite G100, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3W1