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Incorporation of a Company

Brandon Ament | Brampton

Incorporate federally or provincially. Includes all disbursements, Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, and organization of minute book.


Brandon Ament

Phone 416-418-0889
Address 1801 - 1 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario
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Real Estate Transactions

Lin Cong | Toronto

Ontario residential real estate purchase or sale. Disbursements and tax extra and may vary based on purchase price. Chinese or English.


Lin Cong

Phone 4168380268
Address 300 Front St W, Toronto ON M5V 0E9
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HR support - employer- compliance

Julia Toso | Toronto

HR Support - consultation to discuss HR program, including - Employment Contracts, Handbooks, Policies, Termination Packages - 647-618-6027


Julia Toso

Phone 6476186027
Address 1110 Finch Ave. W Suite 409
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Judicial Review Consult

Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm | Toronto

Contact us if you are thinking of going to the Federal Court to appeal a negative decision.


Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm

Phone 647-454-9364
Address Toronto, ON
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Incorporation of a Company

Crescendo Law | London

Incorporation and organization; Minute book package with by-laws; Consultation; Includes all disbursements and gov't filing fees.


Crescendo Law

Phone 905-528-2525
Address Commerce Place, 21 King St W, Suite 500, Box 6, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4W7
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Simple Debt Collection

Daizy Bethea | Toronto

$750 flat Fee + disbursements for Simple Debt Collection. Internatioinal- Can collect debts for foreign based client from Canadian entity.


Daizy Bethea

Phone 4167321949
Address 210-5800 Ambler Drive mississauga ON, L4W 4J4.
Website www.lawyer2call
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Basic Estate Planning Package

Corinne Boudreau | Halifax

Includes wills for couple, power of attorney for property, personal directive and guardianship appointment.


Corinne Boudreau

Phone 902-818-0128
Address 540 Southgate Drive, Suite 204 Halifax, NS B4A 0C9
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Draft Plaintiff's Claim

PowerLegal Law Office | Toronto

Drafting a Plaintiff's Claim for Small Claims Court


PowerLegal Law Office

Phone 647-607-6184
Address 40 Soudan Ave., Suite 905
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Consent Motion to Change

Christopher Unruh | Guelph

Includes ILA, preparing motion and filing motion with the court. Does not include negotiation of terms.


Christopher Unruh

Phone 226-780-0810
Address 3 - 181 St. Andrew St. E., Fergus, Ontario, N1M 1P9
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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Cizan Suliman | Brampton

Required to get married in Canada if previously divorced in a foreign jurisdiction


Cizan Suliman

Phone 647-362-5557
Address 50 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Suite 401, Mississauga, ON L5B3C2