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Federal or Provincial Incorporation

Debs Law PC | Ottawa

Legal advice on jurisdiction and share structure, filing of required documents. Excludes HST and government filing fees.


Debs Law PC

Phone 613-686-3556
Address 647-547-2214
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Shareholder Agreement - 2 person

Kickstart Law | Vancouver

Shareholder Agreement for 2 shareholder company. Includes legal advice on exit strategies and common shareholder issues.


Kickstart Law

Phone 800-621-4869
Address 2A, 9497 201 Street, Langley, BC
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Corporation Name Change

Debs Law PC | Calgary

Will prepare and file the forms and resolutions to change the name of your Federal corporation and update its minute book.


Debs Law PC

Phone 613-686-3556
Address 647-547-2214
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Form U.S. Company

Park Street Legal | Windsor

Form your limited liability company today! We also have Startup Packages for Entrepreneurs doing business in the U.S.


Park Street Legal

Phone 248-733-4502
Address 390 Park Street
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Incorporate Federally

Matthew Ordower | Toronto

Price is all-inclusive. Package includes all government filings and minute book documents.


Matthew Ordower

Phone 416-677-6955
Address 1006-1430 Yonge St, Toronto
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Provincial and Federal Incorporation

Teresa Baykara (Ambroz) | Toronto

Incorporate company in provincial or federal jurisdiction. Full articles and extra fee for minute book


Teresa Baykara (Ambroz)

Phone 6476425687
Address 8800 Dufferin Street Suite 301, Vaughan Ontario L4K0C5
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Basic Ontario Incorporation

Alvin W. Leung | Toronto

All inclusive price for Ontario incorporation's including gov't filing fees, incorporation fees and organizational documents.


Alvin W. Leung

Phone 437-266-2765
Address 200-140 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario
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Ontario Incorporation

Samuel Michaels | SM Legal | Toronto

Standard incorporation including 2 class share description. +$15 per additional shareholder (government fees not included).


Samuel Michaels | SM Legal

Phone 6474098907
Address 4789 Yonge St., Unit 514
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Incorporation and Organization

Oziel Law | Toronto

Ontario or Federal Incorporation, initial organization and corporate minute book. All disbursements included.


Oziel Law

Phone 416-452-0317
Address 5255 Yonge Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON M2N 6P4
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Partnership Agreement

KYH Law Professional Corporation | Toronto

Do you have a partner you want to get into business with? Call us today for a FREE consultation!


KYH Law Professional Corporation

Phone 9053050700
Address 206-80 Acadia Avenue, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9V1