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Simple Will

Taggart Law Office Professional Corporation | Ottawa

For the drafting of a simple will, without powers of attorney. HST not included.


Taggart Law Office Professional Corporation

Phone 613-612-7970
Address 185 Somerset St. W., Suite 204, Ottawa, ON
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Simple Will

Stacey A. Mirowski | Ottawa

Information gathering session and simple will drafting and signing. HST not included.


Stacey A. Mirowski

Phone 613-696-8173
Address 200-440 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa ON K1R7X6
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Your Rights on Separation

M. Anne Vespry | Ottawa

Get personalized answers to your questions about divorce or separation, custody, and immediate financial issues. No obligation.


M. Anne Vespry

Phone 613-800-8334
Address 2487 Kaladar Avenue, Suite 119
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Unanimous Shareholder Agreement

Debs Law PC | Ottawa

Advising on and drafting a shareholder agreement for your corporation.


Debs Law PC

Phone 613-686-3556
Address 647-547-2214