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Litigation, Commercial

Daizy Bethea | Toronto

Filing a simple Action or Application


Daizy Bethea

Phone 4167321949
Address 210-5800 Ambler Drive mississauga ON, L4W 4J4.
Website www.lawyer2call
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Incorporation of a Company

Crescendo Law | Toronto

Incorporation and organization; Minute book package with by-laws; Consultation; Includes all disbursements and gov't filing fees.


Crescendo Law

Phone 905-528-2525
Address Commerce Place, 21 King St W, Suite 500, Box 6, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4W7
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Create a Federal Corporation

Preet Pannu | Toronto

File online. Price includes all government fees and taxes. (VISA / Mastercard accepted)


Preet Pannu

Phone 9059656263
Address 4304 Village Centre Court
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Real Estate Purchase - $1250

Natalie Hope-Selkin | Toronto

Call me today to make your home closing simple, affordable and stress free! Concierge services available for signing! We will come to you!


Natalie Hope-Selkin

Phone 647-977-3022x102
Address 509-220 Duncan Mill Rd, Toronto, ON M3B 3J5
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All Inclusive Federal Incorporation

Aluvion | Toronto

Minute book, NUANS search, Articles of Incorporation, Federal Incorp. with Ontario Registration, Fees, disbursements and taxes included.



Phone 416-703-6464
Address 365 Bay St, Suite 800 Toronto, ON M5H 2V1
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Wills & POA package for a couple

Ayla Kim | Toronto

Consultation and drafting of mirror wills and Powers of Attorney for Property & Powers of Attorney for Personal Care for a couple.


Ayla Kim

Phone 647-308-8918
Address 1110 Finch Ave. W., Unit 409
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Criminal Rehabilitation Consult

Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm | Toronto

Contact us if you need to apply for a Criminal Rehabilitation.


Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm

Phone 647-454-9364
Address Toronto, ON
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Employment Contracts

Alvin W. Leung | Toronto

Drafting and two revisions of Employment Agreements for your business. Plus disbursements and applicable taxes.


Alvin W. Leung

Phone 437-266-2765
Address 200-140 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario
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Law Office of Fese N. Elango | Toronto

Incorporation including drafting of articles of incorporation, correspondence (excludes filing fees, disbursements and taxes)


Law Office of Fese N. Elango

Phone 437-836-3070
Address 439 University Ave, 5th Floor
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Website Terms of Sale

Scott Lemke | Toronto

Terms of Sale agreements cover items such as: the ordering process; rejection or cancellation of an order; method of payment; shipment, etc.


Scott Lemke

Phone 647-361-3038
Address #850 - 36 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2C5