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Contract Lawyer

Irma Sirvinskaite | Toronto

Review of contract (various contracts including entertainment, film, copyright law related contracts).


Irma Sirvinskaite

Phone (647)501-3852
Address 1801-1 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W7
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Uncontested Divorce - Full Service

Cizan Suliman | Toronto

Includes legal consultation, drafting and filing of court documents, court fees, HST and process server fees (Canada only).


Cizan Suliman

Phone 647-362-5557
Address 50 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Suite 401, Mississauga, ON L5B3C2
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Draft and file small claims pleadings

Jimmie Chen | Toronto

Review your legal issue, draft plaintiffs claim, preparation and filing of Small Claims Forms, debrief after filing.


Jimmie Chen

Phone 9054710770
Address 141 Main Street North, Unit B1, Markham Ontario
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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Brandon Ament | Toronto

Will draft or review a non-disclosure agreement for you.


Brandon Ament

Phone 416-418-0889
Address 1801 - 1 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario
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Initial Review of Termination Package

Matthew Langer | Toronto

I will review your termination/severance package from your employer and determine if you are receiving your just payment.


Matthew Langer

Phone (647)926-4704
Address 2347 Kennedy Road, Suite 400
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Wills and Power of Attorney for a couple

Christopher Unruh | Toronto

Preparation of simple wills, powers of attorney for personal care and continuing powers of attorney for property for a couple.


Christopher Unruh

Phone 226-780-0810
Address 3 - 181 St. Andrew St. E., Fergus, Ontario, N1M 1P9
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Real Estate Transactions

Lin Cong | Toronto

Ontario residential real estate purchase or sale. Disbursements and tax extra and may vary based on purchase price. Chinese or English.


Lin Cong

Phone 4168380268
Address 300 Front St W, Toronto ON M5V 0E9
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Termination Package Review

Julia Toso | Toronto

Review of termination package provided by employer


Julia Toso

Phone 6476186027
Address 1110 Finch Ave. W Suite 409
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Real Estate Purchase

Ayla Kim | Toronto

Contact us to handle your real estate purchase closing.


Ayla Kim

Phone 647-308-8918
Address 1110 Finch Ave. W., Unit 409
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Attend Mediation

Sarah J. O'Connor VERIFIED | Toronto

Draft Mediation Brief and attend one day of mediation. Excludes mediator fees, booking fees, taxes


Sarah J. O'Connor

Phone (416)365-7878
Address 80 Bloor Street West, Suite 602, Toronto