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Estate Probate

Murray H. Miskin | Toronto

As may be needed for real estate transfers or to access accounts. Does not include estate administration work


Murray H. Miskin

Phone 705-755-7363
Address 263-380 Armour Rd. Peterborough ON K9H 7L7
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Probate Application

Ian Sutherland | Toronto

Rate for preparation and filing of a simple probate application. Estate Administration services available for additional fees.


Ian Sutherland

Phone 416-763-0787
Address 3416 Dundas Street West, Suite 203, Toronto, On, M6S 2S1
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Estate Trustee Appointment Application

Debs Law PC | Toronto

Will advise on and prepare an uncontested application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee of a modest estate.


Debs Law PC

Phone 613-686-3556
Address 647-547-2214