Christopher P. Knight

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Phone 888-486-3471
Address 1440 - 540 5 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta
Date Joined On Since January 17th, 2014

Services Offered

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Litigation Matter Consultation

Offered in: Calgary

Consultation on any litigation matter-current or potential actions, claims or defences, Provincial Court Civil or Court of Queen's Bench



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Chris acts in a variety of roles related to the creation, preservation, enforcement and prosecution/defence of corporate, commercial and intellectual property transactions. He additionally acts as advocate on commercial, regulatory and administrative matters, and has appeared before numerous courts and administrative tribunals in this respect.

With two decades of entrepreneurism under his belt, Chris's focus is to work with clients who are developing new business ideas and opportunities during their initial startup and initial growth phases. Chris takes a "hands-on" approach to the startups he works with by acting as General Counsel and other key executive roles during these phases.

For more information, or to discuss a potential project idea, please don't hesitate to contact Chris at any time.