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All-Inclusive For-Profit Incorporation

Offered in: Toronto

Nuans Search, Articles of Incorporation, Federal/Provincial Incorp., Minute Book, Fees, disbursements, plus applicable taxes.



Profile photo for IMMERSA Law IMMERSA Law is a virtual law NewLaw firm offering forward thinking business minded legal services. We are changing the way legal services are provided and challenging the business of law by employing a value-centred philosophy in which we are a strategic partner, immersed in our clients' business. Our business model does away with fixed overheads, high fees, inflexible fee arrangements and bureaucratic large firm processes. IMMERSA?s business model is based on transparency, cost certainty, flexibility, scalability, and value-based pricing. Clients benefit from the comfort of knowing they are paying for value received rather than time spent. Our pricing structure entails fixed flat fee, fixed range pricing and retainer based pricing. We are external lawyers working as in-house legal counsel. We provide in-house legal counsel on an insourced or outsourced basis to enterprises with and without in-house legal counsel. We work for you, only when and as you need us, on-site or off-site. Whether it?s fractional, supplementing in-house counsel, supplanting outside counsel, additional counsel during crunch time, or simply project-based work, we adapt and scale our services to the changing needs of our clients. At IMMERSA, we are focused on building relationships of trust with our clients and are resolute on delivering solutions and peace of mind to our clients. Discover our range of services to help you bolster your in-house team. From ad hoc transactions through our transactional counsel, to augmentation of your team through our insourced embedded counsel or outsourced in-house counsel, we have the model to assist you.