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U.S. Company Formation

Offered in: Toronto

Fixed price startup packages for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.

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Form U.S. Company

Offered in: Windsor

Form your limited liability company today! We also have Startup Packages for Entrepreneurs doing business in the U.S.

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Fixed Price US Contract Review

Offered in: Windsor

Need a U.S. Lawyer to review your agreement? We are responsive and experienced in all commercial matters, including cross-border deals.



Profile photo for Park Street Legal We offer a suite of Flat Fee and Packages for Businesses entering the U.S. market. Each of our Entrepreneur Startup Packages provide a suite of legal services and documents to get new businesses up and running in the U.S. A successful business requires a strong foundation and asset protection for its principals. The most important time you spend might be the one-hour corporate tax strategy session covering the type of business entity you will need as you build your business and take on investors. Our starter plan will be customized for your specific type of business, such as franchise, cyber sales, technology development, or traditional retail goods or services. You will also receive two hours of flex time to consult with your corporate attorney as needed over the first year. See our website for details.